By knowing our client’s life goals and what is most important to them, we provide Wealth Advisory Services -- the coupling of financial planning and asset management -- along with our unbiased advice to help our valued clients -- YOU -- achieve financial independence. 

With building wealth comes great opportunity, responsibility, and seemingly more complex choices. We value the relationships we’ve developed with our clients and the financial peace of mind they feel when the plan we’ve created together gets them financially organized and realizing their goals. 

What does Financial Independence mean to you?

For many of our clients, Financial Independence is the new retirement.  We see it as the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have the freedom to leave your career or job as the portfolio you’ve created can replace your paycheck.  

Dedication to planning, savings and portfolio management can replace your income, so you are free to choose what comes next for you. Financial Independence – because it’s personal – may mean...

  • Loving your work and continuing on with your career.  
  • Stepping back from a long tenured career to begin a more flexible one as a small business consultant.
  • For the first time in your life, pursuing a life passion knowing you are not reliant upon your job’s paycheck. 
  • Enjoying the freedom and pleasures of a more traditional retirement lifestyle. 

Financial Independence - How to Get There

Getting to your own Financial Independence takes planning and dedication.

The first step is to identify what your goals and visions actually are

  • Do you want to be able to walk away from your current career in your mid 50’s and transition to another field or pursue a specific interest? 
  • Do you want to be able to fully retire at age 60 before Medicare and potential Social Security funds are available to you?  

We’ll help guide these conversations, and determine all the factors to consider.

Next is to develop a plan and create your roadmap moving forward

  • We’ll analyze where you are now by looking at your current assets, ongoing savings, and projected future incomes such as pensions and social security. 
  • We’ll see if you are on track to achieve financial independence at the age and goal you’ve outlined. 
  • We’ll keep in mind diversification from an investment and tax perspective -- key factors to your financial independence.  
  • We’ll make appropriate recommendations and adjustments to your savings, tax strategy, or overall plan to guide you along the way.

Financial Independence – Mission Accomplished, Now what?

Congratulations!  You’ve reached your own Financial Independence.  Once you become financially independent, diversification remains important as you begin to replace your paycheck with cash flow generated from your portfolio.   

As the economic environment changes, strategies for generating this cash flow do as well. Yet, as these strategies change, the resources for generating your income tend to remain the same.  

Potential sources of funds to generate cash flow in your financial independence include: 

  • Fixed income -- Pension Income, Rental Income, Social Security, and Annuity Income
  • Interest and Dividends -- Cash and Bond interest and Dividend Income from stocks
  • Capital Gains – Timing of to liquidate a stock or mutual fund 
  • Principal – Using portfolio principal correctly can be critical to extending portfolio throughout their retirement
  • Real Estate Equity -- Real estate is a significant asset and source of future income for some  

Remember, it’s never too late to begin.  Let’s create your plan together!