Today, women wear so many hats, often bouncing from familial decisions to business decisions to household decisions in the matter of an hour.  They also often face unique financial challenges that differ from those of men. 

  • Studies continue to show that women earn 85 cents to every dollar earned by men.
  • Women usually spend fewer years in the workplace often because they take time off from their careers to raise children. 
  • Women may have a longer time horizon for cash flow as they live an average of about 5 years longer than men.
  • Women may ultimately have fewer years to save a higher percentage of their income to fund their longer retirement. 

The good news is — knowledge is empowering. Now, more than ever, women have the capability of achieving financial peace of mind on their own terms.

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Financial Peace of Mind for Women

The key to achieving your very own financial peace of mind is understanding the nuances of your personal situation.  We’ll offer guidance by helping you… 

  • Gain a better understanding of where your money is going. Even if you have a high net worth, you may be surprised at how much more you could save if you cut unnecessary purchases. It can equate to thousands of more dollars in your retirement.
  • Become an expert at managing your own household budget, especially if up until now you’ve left budgeting up to your partner. It’s time to get involved.

Working closely together, we can help you implement small changes that make big differences in your long-term financial plan. Tips like… 

  • Considering your daily travel costs. Carpool, or instead, get more work done while on a train into the city.
  • Small everyday purchases add up to a large amount of money over time. Like your latte-a-day habit, become your own home barista to put more in your wallet. 
  • Craft your strategy to ask for that long overdue raise
  • Consider renting out a spare bedroom in your home or apartment
  • Alleviate clutter in your closets and utilize one of the many online selling sites to contribute to your personal retirement plan. 

Pay Yourself First, Invest.

Whether it’s your employer’s retirement plan or your personal portfolio, the fact that women need to save more in order to enjoy the unique vision of your future over a longer life requires you to contribute as much as you can. Pay yourself first!

We can equip you with the right tools and education to help you succeed in reaching your financial goals. And, we want to be there when you do!

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