Emily R. Shifflett

Operations & Client Service Associate

In my role as Operations & Client Service Associate within our centralized service team, I have the good fortune of wearing many hats.  My mission revolves around managing our client service model which includes setting client appointments, technology tools to support client service and day-to-day operations for our offices. You’ll likely hear from me when it is time for a financial review or check-in with your advisor.  We’ll find a time that works for your schedule and ensure all the topics you’d like to cover are included in the agenda.  In that way, we are set up for a successful experience that helps keep you on track.

Prior to joining the WWA team, I held operational roles for the last 10 years in the high-end food industry – managing everything from client service models, supply chain workflows, product development, and vendor relations. In this role, I was able to apply knowledge gained from my education at UC Davis where I earned a BS in Animal Science and Management.  My career has always centered on putting clients first and helping people.  This is what makes me happiest.

My own experiences in managing finances through life’s curveballs made me very sensitive to how overwhelming the experience of trying to sort things out can be.  Having the opportunity to help smooth out that journey for our clients is what drew me to financial services industry and specifically Washington Wealth Advisors. 

WWA’s commitment to a positive client service experience mirrors my own.  You’ll find I am a strong proponent of client engagement and education.  When clients have a good understanding of what to expect from us along with the technology tools to remain organized, they can feel empowered. I am here to support that process.

I spend my free time with my family or participating in medieval historical reenactment, focusing on 15th and 16th Century Spain and Medieval Judaism. Specifically, I like cooking medieval foods, practicing archery, sewing clothing, teaching classes, and serving as an officer.