Looking for a Personal CFO – Your Own Trusted Financial Partner? 

Working in a corporate environment offers our executive clients a high level of satisfaction when delivering on the promises made to all their various stakeholders - their customers, their employees, their shareholders, their communities, and the environment. That takes a lot of focus. Our goal is to serve as our executive clients’ personal CFO. We partner with our executive clients in support of their personal financial goals, so that they can remain focused on their career responsibilities and visions.

Compensation packages can encompass many elements beyond a paycheck. Executive compensation packages may include bonus incentive plans, stock options, deferred compensation plans, health and wellness package, life and disability insurance plans along with other valuable instruments that make meaningful impact on your overall financial plan.

With so much at stake, you deserve a trusted partner to help you navigate it all. As with all our advice, our approach factors in an appropriate tax strategy for your situation. We can even coordinate with your other trusted partners, such as your tax accountant and your estate attorney, as appropriate, to ensure your overall plan is in sync. We work together to keep you on your path to achieving your goals with peace of mind.

And, when another career opportunity presents itself, you may need to turn to a trusted partner – your personal CFO - to ensure your accounts are all in line and working for you on your time horizon.

Schedule a call. Need your own trusted financial partner by your side? We’ll be your personal CFO.