FIDELITY: Understanding Money Market Funds

March 20, 2020 from Fidelity
Sharing some perspective from our Fidelity resources.  Knowledge is empowering and can support you in remaining focused on your goals.
"Understanding money market funds. Learn about the different types of money market funds."
Key takeaways:
  • There are several types of money market funds: government (including US Treasury), prime, and municipal.

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All Things Roth

By Todd Youngdahl, CFP®

Retirement planning is far from simple. While that may seem like a blatant understatement, it’s especially true when you start looking at all your options and try to determine what is right for you. Each of your many options has pros and cons, unique opportunities, and various fees. While you know you need to invest, it can be challenging to decide what the best choice is for you and your unique situation.

Today, we’re focusing on the Roth and the opportunities it can provide to investors.

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