We Collaborate With Your Team of Experts

Maura Schauss |

Do you ever wish your financial life could be more streamlined and organized? There are so many pieces of the financial pie that things can get complicated, or, even worse, fall through the cracks. Creating customized investment and wealth management solutions requires a significant amount of coordination. What if we told you there was a seamless way to make this coordination happen so you could have peace of mind and focus on living your life?

Teamwork and Coordination

At Washington Wealth Advisors, we offer a unique service for our clients. We communicate with your other specialists and financial professionals in order to ensure that your financial planning strategies are fully aligned with your objectives. This collaboration includes your attorneys, accountants, mortgage professionals and tax advisors.

We strive to make your finances the best they can be, and we believe that proactive and open communication across all fronts allows everyone involved to work together to help meet your goals.

Our Integrated Approach

Here are some examples of the ways we make this teamwork and coordination happen so your financial picture is completely covered:

  • Communicate with your CPA and/or attorney to coordinate financial decisions.
  • Facilitate year-end tax planning with your accountant by providing gain/loss reports and other documents.
  • Assist with tax forecasting for retirement plans, including distributions.
  • Orchestrate charitable gifting strategies.
  • Work with your attorney so that your investment accounts are updated with key estate planning details, such as beneficiary and gifting designations.
  • Collaborate with mortgage professionals to determine appropriate strategies for your real estate decisions.

Pursuing Your Goals

We believe that our approach to financial planning will only put you closer to your financial dreams. When you know that your advisors are reaching out to your other specialists and working with them to give you a complete picture, you will feel confident in your financial future.

For more information on how we make this work, or if you would like a referral to other key specialists we work with regularly, please feel free to contact us at (703) 584-2700 or email us at info@washingtonwealthadv.com and we will schedule an appointment to sit down and discuss your unique needs.  

About Washington Wealth Advisors

Washington Wealth Advisors is an independent registered investment advisory firm serving high net worth families and small businesses. We focus on holistic financial planning and comprehensive investment management. Leveraging our core strengths of unbiased, active investment management together with a detailed annual financial planning capability, we serve your comprehensive investment and financial planning needs.