SCHWAB | 2023 Market Outlook: Cross Currents

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2023 Market Outlook: Cross Currents

"We expect economic growth and market performance to improve in 2023 compared with 2022. But things may get worse before they get better.

Cross currents continue to rock the economic boat, even though we believe a brighter year is on the horizon.

The Federal Reserve's ongoing commitment to raising interest rates to cool inflation is likely to lead to weak U.S. economic trends in early 2023. However, Fed policymakers have indicated they are looking to an eventual pause in rate hikes, possibly in early to mid-2023, and that it is likely the federal funds rate target will remain at its peak, or "terminal," rate for a while.1

In other words, there may be more choppiness, given that inflation is still a noticeable (although receding) problem, but the longer-term U.S. economic outlook has improved.


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