Reflections from our High School Intern

Maura Schauss |

By Duncan Green, WWA Intern

Hello! My name is Duncan Green, and I am currently a senior at McLean High School. I am excited to attend The University of Virginia next fall where I will apply for acceptance to the McIntire School of Commerce my second year. Both my parents attended UVA and my older sister is currently in her 3rd year - no surprise why I am such an avid UVA fan. Although, after their early exit from the 2018 NCAA basketball tournament, I am much more reluctant to admit that.

At McLean High School, seniors are given the excellent opportunity to participate in an internship of their choice towards the end of the year. This “HIP” program offers students the opportunity to gain exposure to potential professions they may have interest in pursuing. My interest in finance and economics was sparked from long conversations about the stock market with my father. The intriguing concepts of risk and financial management combined with my quantitative and mathematic mindset contributed to eventual internship at Washington Wealth Advisors.

During my internship at WWA, I hope to learn more about the daily activities of a financial advisor and gain more knowledge about specific concepts and ideas that they work with.  In addition, I hope to advance my understanding of work place standards and expectations. I am motivated to educate myself on what it takes to thrive in the workforce.  This two-week exposure to the working world will certainly prepare me for future internships and jobs.

As I continue to pursue the field of finance and economics throughout college, I look forward to gaining a better knowledge of economic tendencies, specifically the stock market. Job opportunities in financial management and the stock market are at a high demand and certainly something that I could see myself striving for post college. With that being said, I am keeping an open mind to my career pathway and cannot wait to see where I end up in the future.