A Path to Celebrating Your Own Financial Independence

Maura Schauss |

by Washington Wealth Advisors

Our team has a passion for our client's financial independence. 

Sometimes referred to as the "new retirement," financial independence is the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have the freedom to leave your career or job as the portfolio you’ve created can replace your paycheck.

Ever thought about your own financial independence? 

We believe it begins with a plan that will guide the best financial decision-making between now and retirement – your Financial Independence Day!

Maura and Todd talk 'Financial Independence'

Our Managing Partners Maura Schauss,CFP® and Todd Youngdahl,CFP® talk financial independence in this playlist of 3 short videos.  They share more about what financial independence means, how to get there and what happens once you accomplish this chapter of your life.  

Financial Independence Video Playlist

Let's connect to discuss putting you on your path to celebrating your financial independence!  We'd welcome the conversation.