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Maura Schauss |

One of our goals at Washington Wealth Advisors is to have the most educated client base when it comes to the world of personal finance. Achieving financial peace of mind comes through a working partnership with your advisor as well as keeping yourself well informed. Videos offer an easily accessible and convenient way to learn about a new topic, understand a financial term, get the highlights of a blog, reference a subject discussed in a review meeting or meet a new member of the WWA team. With that in mind, we are excited to launch our very own YouTube Channel to engage our clients and community in support of our financial education goal.

You can access our videos through our website under the "In the Know" tab or directly on our YouTube Channel.

We felt it important to begin with the beginning, the founding of our firm, in our first two videos titled "Why We Created Washington Wealth Advisors" and "Our Investment Philosophy." We invite you to view these videos, subscribe to our channel and share with family & friends who may benefit from our services. It's an easy way to introduce us!

Our next video phase will focus on financial education. We'll create quick videos that define a financial term and why you may need to know about it. Fiduciary, Roth IRA, Index Fund, Government Thrift Savings Plan, Diversification, Safe Withdrawal Rate, etc. If there is a term you'd like to add to our financial terms library, please share!

We know time is valuable. Educational videos offer the benefit of convenience as a supportive tool to keep you "In the Know" on important financial topics. We are passionate about our clients and committed to working together for financial peace of mind.

Any feedback to share? Let us know. We'd love to hear from you!


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