Get to Know Our Summer Intern - Q & A with Jhonny Soto

Maura Schauss |

Get to Know Our Summer Intern ~ Q & A with Jhonny Soto

Our team at Washington Wealth Advisors is delighted to welcome Jhonny Soto to the team as our summer intern.  Jhonny is currently studying finance at Virginia Tech and excited to work with us on some internal projects to support our delivery of excellent client service.  We thought you’d like to learn a little more about Jhonny and his goals after graduation.  We hope you enjoy this Q and A and wish Jhonny the very best in pursuing his goals.  He has a very bright future!

Q:  You are currently studying Finance at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia.  How would you like to apply your knowledge after you graduate?

After completing my degree in Finance with a concentration in the Certified Financial Planner Certification track at Virginia Tech, I would like to apply my knowledge and experience at a financial planning firm.  I hope to learn more about the financial planning world as I work towards the CFP designation.  At the same time, I would apply my knowledge to my own personal financial situation as well as my family’s to get a good head start on my own future.

Q:  What are your interests and activities outside of your studies? 

I love to keep myself active.  I find it a better use of my time since I watch minimal TV and gave up my video games.  Playing sports like soccer and basketball, as well as a consistent gym routine keep me going.  I also like to read and watch course videos on on topics that support my curiosity and may expand my knowledge.  Currently, I am going for the Expert Excel certification and looking at psychology books from the local library.

Q:  What do you expect to learn and contribute during your time with Washington Wealth Advisors this summer?

I will come in like a sponge.  I expect to absorb all the knowledge that I can and gain invaluable real-world experience and insight into how a financial planning firm runs their practice.  Not only with this help give me a clearer picture of the profession as I enter my Senior year, but I look forward to becoming part of the WWA team and contribute as much as I can this summer.

Thanks, Jhonny!  We are thrilled to have you here with us.  Welcome!