FIDELITY: Trading events to watch

Maura Schauss |

May 29, 2020 from Fidelity

Sharing some perspective from our Fidelity resources.  Knowledge is empowering and can support you in remaining focused on your goals.

"Trading events to watch: In addition to coronavirus developments, here's what to look for in the coming months."

Global markets have recovered much of their COVID-19 induced losses, as the wild price swings at the height of the market panic have moderated. As of May 28, 2020, the MSCI World Index and S&P 500 have regained roughly 60% and 66% of the losses from their February peaks, respectively.

While stocks will almost certainly be driven primarily by trends in new cases and mortalities related to coronavirus over the near term—as well as potential vaccination and treatment developments—that doesn't mean the pandemic is the only factor to think about if you are actively investing with some portion of your portfolio.

Here are a few key market events to monitor as you attempt to manage a diversified portfolio of investments. Read More.

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