Are You Properly Protecting Your Personal Data?

Maura Schauss |

By Nadine Sadeghi and Alexandra Devereaux

As part of our Fidelity summit training, we would like to remind our clients of the importance of securing their confidential financial data, something that is of utmost importance to all of us at WWA.

While email can be the easiest way to send data and attachments to us, the bottom line is that it is not sufficiently secure. A client secure portal, like the Citrix/Sharefile portal used by our firm, is a secure electronic system that allows you to send and receive a collection of digital files. A secure file transfer portal creates a safer alternative by establishing a protected connection between our firm and our clients.  Our clients can access this portal by clicking the link below any of our email signatures that says 'Click here to send files securely'.  

Along with data confidentiality, wire fraud is among the top threats in cyber security. Email confirmation alone is not enough, which is why we always follow-up with a verbal confirmation. This is why we take the time to always make sure we have your current contact information on file and want to be aware of any withdrawals that you expect to make. We aim to match this all up in our system prior to approving your withdrawal. Additionally, for added security, we always require a signature when funds are send to a third party, someone other than you. This is just another layer of protection to make sure the correct person, business or account is receiving your funds.  

As always, we at Washington Wealth Advisors are dedicated to ensure the security and confidentiality of our clients. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us! To set up a meeting, call our office at 703.584.2700 or email

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